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In today’s financial markets, most financial instruments can be bought and sold in stock exchanges or over-the-counter. Common tools include stocks, bonds, indices, foreign currencies (forex) and even digital currencies.

Unlike investing, where investors aim to make money over the long term by buying and holding a portfolio they believe that increase in value with the passage of time, the business aims to achieve profits in the short term by taking advantage of the always changing prices of financial assets.

If you are new to trading and want to learn more, this guide is intended for you. You can read the articles in the links below in sequence, it also aims to educate the readers in a step-by-step. However, if there are specific areas about trading that you want to know more don’t hesitate to skip to the parts that will be most important.

# 1 the use of leverage

One of the important elements that reflect the trading is that the leverage is used. Leverage refers to using borrowed capital to increase the dealer knows her pages.

The rationale behind using leverage when it comes to short-term trading is that asset prices typically don’t move much even when the trader correctly predicts price movement. Financial leverage allows traders to take a larger position with a view to earn higher returns than the investor will be able to earn relative to the original capital.

Leverage is a double-edged sword. Hand traders need to take advantage of them to increase exposure and profit. At the same time, leverage can translate into greater losses.Here are some articles that you can read on to better understand how the benefit works.

What is leveraged trading and how does it work?

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10 common trading terms even non-traders should know

# 2 the types of instruments you can trade

There are many types of tools that you can trade. The most common, the first thing people think is forex trading, where traders buy and sell currencies. However, forex trading is not the only tool which you can trade. Traders can also trade indices, commodities and even digital currencies.

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