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There is no doubt that women’s trading habits differ from men. We all operate under the same set of trade rules, but the results are not always the same. This is understandable because our minds work differently and this affects our approach when it comes to trading and investing.

Business women and investors may not seem like the perfect combination. Trading involves aggressive investment and high risk. Women have a reputation for being conservative investors.

Does this mean that women have no place in the trading industry? Not quite. There are female traders who are considered successful traders.

Trading is one of the proactive ways that you can earn money from the financial markets. Investors are looking for long-term investment and profits, which grow gradually with the passage of time. Trade, on the other hand, those who want to achieve quick returns by buying and selling financial instruments in the market. Trading can be done in the form of shares, foreign currency exchange (forex) and other products.

Being a Successful Trader, regardless of sex, is far to be easy. Trading platforms such as to provide the traders with the tools they need to make smart decisions about their finances. However, you need more than that to succeed. It takes a combination of skill, instinct, deep knowledge of the market, and the right attitude to turn you into a Successful Trader.

If you think that your money can afford a higher risk tolerance and you are interested in higher returns, then don’t let your assumptions hinder you. Learn from those who have succeeded in trading and get trading habits that made women successful.

The new paint I sat down with two of the female traders who share their trading secrets. We asked them three different questions to identify women trading. Here are their answers.

TerraSeeds Binni Ong: administered slowly and be consistent

Binni Ong is the co-founder and chief strategy TerraSeeds market technician Pte Ltd. The company provides online training through the There are participants from more than 40 countries attend the Free Online Forex courses and it constantly says Binni trading habits. And at the age of 40 years dealer shared with his savvy thoughts and experiences with the trading that can be seen in the trade no notes: the room curiously.

TNS: how long have you been trading forex? What you want to focus on part of your trading strategy?

Binni: I have been trading forex for 14 years, and shares over the past 20 years. Our trading strategies, Tflow®, can be applied to any instrument – whether stocks, currencies or commodities. It measures the movement of the price and the duration of the experience allows us to spot the superior and the big moves in the market. This strategy is suitable for use any time frame, but it is more suited to swing trading, where each trade can last for 1-3 days with the goal of 100-300 point (interest rate). The method mainly uses our proprietary box theory to improve communication, with the integration of Applied Elliott Wave and advance Fibonacci as a timing tool for Trade Development.

TNS: what are some common mistakes that you usually see trade newcomers?

Binni: some traders easily believe that through learning a concept or strategy, they can trade successfully and earn money. Forget that trading requires experience that must be accumulated over time. Instead of mastering a technique, many traders become course-milk junkies where to choose many of the techniques that give the in a flash. A lot of input being considered from the basic News Technical. This makes the analysis of chaotic or lacking in clear-headed approach. They believe in get-rich-quick schemes include robots, the ‘secret techniques’, but lose sight of the long-term training, proficiency, and provide the right trading psychology.

TNS: how do you think that being a woman makes you the best trader/investor compared with men?

Binni: I don’t take things slowly. I’m not an adrenaline charged like my peers. When I started trading, I went to the smaller trading volumes more than their peers who are male traders. My profits are much smaller (as losses), but it helped on my account in the form of comfortable during my experience the bank building. You are able to hit some of the pages constantly while some of the male peers had flashes of brilliance and then the bomb suddenly. I was also very busy with 2 children – I chose to be a stay at home mom. Instead of day trading, you take a longer view of the markets. This makes me very profitable compared to those who have a lot of time staring at the screen. They end up losing more money because of the short term noise. Do not stare at the trading screen. I spend about an hour or two-page analysis only, with the rest of the time split between building a business, family, and exercise. I think that trading, such as raising children, should not be driving the car. My approach on the long run – Say-Die. There are many like minded in the business community who are doing very well.

SG budget babe dawn: know yourself and the market

Dawn or SG budget babe, is a 27 year-old financial blogger. Through her blog she documents her efforts to achieve financial freedom before they reach their mid-40s. Used in trading as one of the strategies to reach financial goals despite the high cost of living in Singapore.

TNS: how long have you been trading, what to focus on as part of your trading strategy?

Dawn: I’ve been investing in bonds and stocks since 2014. Previous “investment” was limited to choosing my funds in the ILP, which was abolished after a few years I realized it’s useless to pay someone else to such a high signing fee when you can invest directly myself.

Generally the holding period of a few months to a few years. I’d like to focus on the capital gains, the time is on my side.

TNS: what are some common mistakes that you usually see trade newcomers?

Dawn: buying or selling based on emotions. It takes conviction to buy when everyone is panicking on the market, and the rest of the market when the bullish sentiment. It is easy to say “buy low and sell high” but in real world application isn’t easy. Learning about yourself and how to behave in the financial markets are the most important skills if one wishes to be successful.

TNS: how do you think that being a woman makes you the best trader/investor compared with men?

Dawn: most females tend to be more detail-oriented than males by nature, we are also often more skeptical. This can work to our advantage when we do a lot before you put money in. We’re also less inclined to take big risks or gambles, so that it can serve us very well.

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