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Those who invest regularly would understand how difficult it is to maintain up-to-date in your room for a break. Have diversified your money in different asset classes over the years, it can be a hassle to keep track of where all your investments are and how they are performing.

For example, if you bought shares of various brokerage firms, some of your holdings will be credited into the central depository (CDP) while others may be held on your behalf by the custodian of the account.

Aside from stocks, you have also invested in other assets such as bonds and unit trust. These assets are also held with numerous financial institutions that you purchased the products from.

FSMOne – manage all your investments in one platform

If you find it a hassle to log in to multiple accounts in order to manage the investment portfolio, Fundsupermart hoped that FSMOne will be the one investment account that you have been looking for.

Launched in December 2016, FSMOne allows investors manage different types of investments using Fundsupermart. These include unit trusts, insurance bonds, stocks, exchange-traded funds (ETFs) on the stock exchange of Hong Kong (Hong Kong) and also recently announced astock or ETFs on SGX.

FSMOne initially made waves in the investment community when it first launched, although ironically, not for reasons expected. Just one day later, the company announced that trading of shares on the SGX through FSMOne is no longer available until further notice. This was because the counterparty is not then OCBC Securities, were not able to provide access to FSMOne customers.

Since then things have changed. Last month the company announced that it had obtained trading and clearing member license from the SGX will be able to provide SGX stocks and ETFs trading capabilities on FSMOne platform.

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Buy SGX stocks through FSMOne

Similar to the competitive distribution cost of unit trusts, FSMOne offering investors lower commission rates for trades on SGX stocks and ETFs.

Here’s a quick comparison of rates against other traditional brokerage firms in Singapore.

A simple glance would show that the rates offered by FSMOne is competitive like any brokerage firms in Singapore. However, it is not the only reason why we believe that investors will find FSMOne useful.

FSMONE application:

If you want to stay connected with the market even when you are on the move, FSMOne mobile app that will allow you to manage your investments during development. This is not just restricted to stocks, but all other investments such as bonds, unit trusts that are held in FSMOne account.

On FSMOne mobile app can be downloaded on the App Store and Google Play.

Fast payment eligible:

FSMOne before funding the account. This means that stock that is purchased through FSMOne will be automatically paid from a prefunded account. This makes it convenient, as you do not have to worry about remembering the exact figure or forget to pay for the stock.

This prefunded account can also be added as easily as investors can use the fast payment, similar to how we usually transfer money from Singapore bank to another.

You can learn more about the fast payment on the FSMOne here.

Trade stocks on the stock exchange of Hong Kong (Hong Kong) using FSMOne

Similar to buying stocks on SGX, FSMOne allows investors trading stocks on the stock exchange of Hong Kong using the prefunded account. To do this, you will need to convert Singapore dollar to Hong Kong dollar before making a stock purchase in the stock exchange of Hong Kong.

To facilitate this, FSMOne no FSM FX which allows you to do a foreign currency conversion in real-time competition interest rates without having to incur the high conversion fee. This also means that if you are considering buying shares in the stock exchange of Hong Kong in the future, but we see a favorable exchange rate that you want today, you can do the conversion first and then buy the stock at a later time.

You can learn more about the FSM FX here.

FSMOne – you know you Investment link in one site

As we mentioned in our previous article, Fundsupermart were financial tech (title) company even before the term FinTech became a buzz word.

Most of the features mentioned above that FSMOne offers is similar to what investors expect of a disruptive FinTech company. Provide more competitive and efficient services are simplified for users to compare and purchase different types of products online without the need of a broker.

In our opinion, FSMOne the largest sale that investors will find more attractive is the convenience of being able to integrate and manage all your investments in one account. Equity and trusts and even insurance, FSMOne allows you to consolidate all your holdings and manage them on demand.

In addition to the account holders also get to enjoy a wealth of investment ideasthat produce regularly Fundsupermart research team. These include write-ups on individual stocks, bonds, unit trusts macroeconomic themes that investors should know about.

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